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PUMPS & FLATS SPREE #1 [OPEN] - aobbneyg

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October 3rd, 2008

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01:06 am - PUMPS & FLATS SPREE #1 [OPEN]

Pretty imported pumps and flats from Korea for grab..!!
FB Link: http://community.livejournal.com/spreehousefb/112232.html (+7/-0)

Please read the T&C carefully before proceeding. 

Terms & Conditions:

1) Please ensure that the items that you order are of the correct colour and size. I will not entertain any exchange if the faults lies with the spree-ers.
2) The prices are inclusive of shipping cost (EMS) and normal postage.
3) I will not be responsible with any lost mail. So if spree-ers want to opt for registered mail, please add another $2.25.
4) Strictly no meet-ups.
5) Please place order and payment details in one post.
6) No payment=No orders
7) Updates will be done using emails. So remember to leave down email address.
8) Strictly no changing of orders after spree closed.
9) ATM transfered allow but no inter-banking.
10) Items will take 2-3 weeks to arrive after spree closed.

Mode of Payment:
POSB SAVINGS 126-85192-8
Please state lj nick when i-banking

Spree Closed:
35 items

My email address:

Ordering format (plz follow strictly):
Name/lj nick:
Email add:
Bank account type/bank account no.:

Item #1

Item #2

Postage: Normal/Registered
Total Amount: (Total price) + $2.25 (if you opt for reg mail) + $0.50 (handling charge) = $

Payment Details:
Transfer from:
Amount transfer:
Date and Time:
Transcation references:

Kindly refer to the shoe conversion chart below:

Item: Wani Ribbon Flats
Colours: Black, Beige, Brown
Size: 230mm-250mm
Price: $29.90

Item: Bak Ribbon Flats
Colours: Black, Black Sliver & Ivory
Size: 230mm-250mm
Price: $29.90



Item: Lovely Shirring Flats
Colours: Ivory, Black & Brown
Size: 230mm-250mm
Price: $29.90


Item: Ribbon Flats
Colours: Black & Brown
Size: 230mm - 250mm
Price $29.90

Item: Ribbon Pumps
Colours: Black & Brown
Size: 230mm-250mm
Price: $39.90

Item: Colour Combi Pumps
Colours: Brown & Pink
Sizes: 230mm-250mm
Price: $39.90

Item: Cross Strap Pumps
Colours: Grey, Brown & Black
Size: 230mm-250mm
Price: $39.90

Item: 296
Colours: Purple & Grey
Size: 225mm-250mm
Price: $39.90
Material: Velvet (Suede Feel)

Item: 299
Colour: Light Grey
Size: 225mm-250mm
Price: $39.90
Material: Velvet (Suede feel)

Item: 304
Colours: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey
Size: 225mm - 250mm
Price: $39.90
Material: Velvet (Suede feel)

Item: Handglof Ribbon Pumps
Colours: Green, Black, Brown & Grey
Size: 23mm-250mm
Price: $39.90

Item: Platform Pumps
Colour: Ivory, Purple, Black & Brown
Size: 230mm-250mm
Price: $39.90

Happy Shopping=)

Current Mood: awakeawake

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