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Spree Collections #1 - aobbneyg

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March 3rd, 2008

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01:02 pm - Spree Collections #1

Spree Collection #1

All Dresses at $39.90
All tops below $29.90

All stocks are ready on hand and brand new. It comes in limited pieces. Do grab it fast!

Terms and conditions:

- Items sold will be based on first pay first serve basis.  
- Items are non refundable and exchangeable. 
- Please opt for registered mail as i'm not responsible for any lost normal mail. 
- Atm transfer are allowed. 
- Any emails will be replied within 24 hours.
- Deadbuyers will be blacklisted.

- Items priced are inclusive of normal postage. If you want to opt for registered mail, please add another $2.24.
- Material of clothes are of good quality and carefully choosen. These clothes comes in limited pieces, so grab it fast!
- Prices are non-negotiable.
Strictly no meet-ups.
- All stock are ready on hand. I will sent out the items within 3 days upon receiving payment.
- Any enquires/need more detailed pictures, email me: aobbneyg@yahoo.com.sg

Payment Details:
Transfer to POSB SAVINGS 126-85192-8
Please state ur name/lj nick

Ordering format: (Please follow strictly):
Email Add:
Bank/Bank account no:

Item #1

Item #2

Postage: normal/registered
Total Amount: $0.00 + $2.24 (if you opt for reg mail) =$0.00

Transfer from:
Amt transfer:
Date and Time:
Transcation references:


Name: A1
Size: Free Size
Price: $39.90

Name: A2 (necklace included)
Size: Free Size
Price: $39.90

Name: A3
Size: S,M
Price: $25.90

Name: A4
Size: Free Size
Price: $39.90

Name: A5
Size: Free Size
Price: $29.90
-its a 2 piece top made of good quality ciffon

Name: A6
Size: Free Size
Price: $29.90
made of good quality ciffon

Name: A7
Size: S
Price: $39.90

Name: A8
Size: S
Price: $29.90
Good quality eyelet

Name: A9
Size: Freesize
Price: $25.90

Name: A10
Size: S
Price: $29.90

Name: A11
Size: freesize
Price:  $29.90

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